Kitchen mixer taps versions and features

How about a little more? BLANCO kitchen mixer taps can be large or small, and come with or without a pull-out spray. Get the kitchen taps that works best for you.

Pull-out spray

Once you opt for a hose, there’s no going back.

Filling watering cans or large pots with water and then having to hoist the heavy containers out of the sink is extremely laborious. Once you’ve been able to do this comfortably outside the bowl using the pull-out hose, you won’t want to be without this pull-out feature of the single-lever mixer tap. Simply place the vase beside the bowl and fill it with water right there. The adjustable pull-out spray also makes it easier to lift any stuck remains from large pots using direct water pressure.

Clean the corners of the bowl more easily. This is particularly important when choosing a mixer tap where you can change the spray function. A powerful spray for cleaning, and a gentler stream for delicate fruit and vegetables. Voilà! Once you opt for a hose, there’s no going back. The semi-professional mixer tap with a stainless steel spray is particularly appealing. Not only does it look good, but its professional features also free up time for you to cook together with your children or partner.

However, the mixer tap with pull-out hose can often only be turned 140 degrees. This is in contrast with mixer taps with a normal solid spout. They turn easily around upon themselves, by 360 degrees. This allows you to shift baking trays, large pots and other cumbersome objects that need rinsing easily around the bowl, without clattering them together. Simply twist the mixer tap back to get the water running.

Retractable window-facing mixer taps

Into the depths – your sink can also be installed facing a window

Do you like gazing out with a smile at robins revelling in the birdbath outside the window, fluffing up their feathers? It’s great that your sink affords you that view. But what do you do if you want to open the window? Doesn’t the mixer tap get in the way? Not at all. You simply lower it. The retractable mixer tap is lowered into the sink, making it easy to open the window. Or you can take it off altogether and put it back on the sink once you’ve aired it out. Enjoy looking out at those cheeky little birds.

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Mixer taps

Coloured mixer taps for Silgranit and Ceramic sinks

We are always going back to our designs for BLANCO mixer taps and combining aesthetic appeal with functionality. Round is combined with angular, maintaining a delicate balance. We hold no truck with wacky styles; instead, we’re all about timeless elegance. After all, this is what you like best, too. Boring? Hardly! Play with colours. Combine your fittings with the colour of your Silgranit or Ceramic sink. Perfectly matching mixer tap colours allow you to give your sink station a seamless look.

Mixer tap versions

Mixer taps come in a whole host of different designs

What’s it going to be? An L, F or U – which shape do you fancy? Classically striking or softly rounded in a U-shape? Is your kitchen on the small side? Your mixer tap makes a discreet addition, firmly fixed to the edge of the sink, appearing unobtrusive. It looks like an F with its lever above the solid spout.

The mixer tap in an upside-down L-shape offers much more room beneath. It is easy to place a large pot beneath it, without it getting caught. The same applies to soft, arched mixer taps in an inverted U-shape. If necessary, this would even allow your child to wash their feet in it after playing in the sandpit. It stands on the edge of your sink, a high, sweeping arc. An eye-catching feature to fulfil your heart’s desire. Fresh delight every day. The very large U-shaped mixer taps bring the chic of a professional kitchen right into your home. Fashionable and striking.

Note: Are you going for a high- or low-pressure mixer tap?

Have you decided? Great. Please check your current mixer tap or connection to work out which mixer tap is right for you. Are you going for a high-pressure or low-pressure mixer tap? We explain the difference in our guide. “Low-pressure mixer tap – three in one”.