Our philosophy


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We want to delight our customers with innovative system solutions for sink centres featuring professional design, top quality and great user benefits.We want to be the most appealing and preferred supplier, and achieve an internationally significant market position through excellence and dependability, particularly when it comes to customer service.We want to attract committed, talented employees who can work with our partners in a responsible and value-oriented way.We want to achieve profitable growth and sustainable stability for the company.

Sustainability is important to us

All aspects of corporate Social Responsibility and indeed sustainability are an integral part of BLANCO’s company culture. Responsibility, whether for our employees, customers or partners, our environment and society at large is part of this approach at BLANCO, and informs our actions and thinking on a day-to-day basis.

Individual accountability
One of the distinctive characteristics of working at BLANCO is that employees are given plenty of scope for self-responsibility, as we place a great deal of faith in them. However, this freedom goes hand-in-hand with the expectation that every employee will assume personal responsibility for making the most of this scope in the interests of the company. Employee satisfaction and BLANCO’s attractiveness as an employee are largely based on this coupling of the values of trust and responsibility.

Collective responsibility
Companies have a particular responsibility to society. BLANCO welcomes this responsibility and lives up to it in a large number of ways. As a family-owned company, BLANCO has prized sustainability and the the appreciation of values from the very outset. Since 2008, for instance, BLANCO has published a sustainability report every two years, and is committed to respecting ethical business principles.

The company at a glance

2020 sales

408 million euros (previous year 395 million euros); of which 63% was achieved outside Germany

Number of employees

approx. 1,542 employees
- of which 1,102 are based in Germany
- 440 employees at international locations


The company is one of the leading manufacturers of system solutions for domestic kitchens worldwide.
- Domestic sinks made of stainless steel, SILGRANIT and ceramic, plus accessories
- Mixer taps
- Waste management systems


BLANCO is directly represented in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium (our base for Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg), France, the UK, Ukraine, Russia, the USA, Canada, China and India, and maintains long-standing partnerships in approx. 100 additional countries.

Production sites

- Four locations in Germany
- Toronto/Canada
- Most/Czechia


BLANCO is majority-owned by BLANC & FISCHER Family Holding, with the Blanc and Fischer families owning 50 % of these shares each. The Heinz Blanc family holds 30.7 %.

Management board

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Frank Gfrörer

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
Rüdiger Böhle

Chief Operating Officer (COO)
Andreas Ostermann von Roth


Founded in 1925 by Heinrich Blanc

Our Suppliers’ Portal

Hand in hand with our suppliers

We see our suppliers as important partners. They make an important contribution towards the performance of our company, thanks to their innovative strength, quality and reliability. That’s why we ensure short communication paths with our suppliers – via the BLANCO Suppliers’ Portal.

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