Undermount sink: subtle perfection

Washing vegetables in the sink

It’s nice to be able to roll out dough on a large, continuous worktop. You might use another part of the worktop to dice tomatoes and courgettes, having previously washed them in the sink. An undermount sink is hidden discreetly in the worktop. It is inserted into the worktop cut-out provided and fixed from below. It shuns the limelight, allowing your worktop to play the starring role in your kitchen.

Have you chosen a sophisticated stone worktop for your kitchen? Nice choice!

BLANCO undermount sinks fit in perfectly. An undermount sink in stainless steel is elegant, glossy yet unobtrusive. It is a subtle showpiece.

An undermount sink:

  • looks subtly sophisticated
  • visually enhances the worktop
  • is easy to clean.
  • blends into the overall design
  • is suitable for water-resistant worktops made of stone, granite or composite materials
  • makes kitchens look more spacious

Do you want your worktop to play the starring role in your kitchen? Why not combine functionality and design? In this case, a sink attached beneath the worktop is right for your kitchen.

Would you prefer a more harmonious, colour-matched look? Then opt for an undermount sink in Granite. You decide the colour. Would you prefer something unobtrusive? Or something that works with the overall look, but proves a colourful feature in its own right upon second glance?

The main pluses of an undermount sink

Crumbs are swept into the undermount bowl with a single wipe.

Easy to clean, easy to keep pristine

Whether you’re dicing sheep’s cheese, trimming peppers or pitting olives, bits of food almost always get everywhere when you’re chopping things up. Simply wipe any remnants from the worktop into the bowl. Attach a grille or basket to the sink and slide chopped-up food directly into them. The undermount design means that residues don’t get stuck around the edges or gaps because there simply aren’t any edges. Easy to clean, easy to keep pristine.

A subtle, straight-lined undermount sink

Aesthetically pleasing, unobtrusive, practical

Pure perfection. The undermount bowl is discreet, sophisticated and restrained. This type of installation combines design and functionality to superb effect. Rimless. The worktop extends to the contours of the sink, thus putting it in focus. Flat surfaces look spacious and elegant. If your worktop very thick, meaning that the bowl will sit too deep? You can also achieve a level surface by inserting the sink into the worktop using a flush undermount method.

small undermount sink

Big even when small

You’re washing some salad leaves and put them in a sieve to drain. The only question is where? You need the chopping board for dicing cucumber and tomatoes. Small kitchens often present an organisational challenge. Put a floating grid in your undermount sink. You can drain your salad leaves, while also washing your tomatoes. And thanks to the multifunctional colanders a small undermount bowl actually proves to be quite big enough.

Which worktops allow an undermount sink to be fitted? What do I need to look out for?

Undermount sinks can be installed in worktops made of the following materials:

  • Stone
  • Glass
  • Composites
  • Stainless Steel Worktops

An undermount sink can be used with worktops made of natural stone, glass or composite materials. It can only be combined with dense, continuous materials. Do not opt for this installation method if your worktop is made or wood or wooden composites. It is almost impossible to seal these so that no water gets into the material. That would result in a swollen, ruined worktop. No one wants that.