Inset sinks: Simply chic

classically installed sink made of Silgranit

An inset sink:

  • is easy to insert and fix in place
  • comes in many different versions
  • is suitable for use with all worktops, including laminate materials
  • is an eye-catching feature in the kitchen
  • is easy to clean
  • nestles against the worktop with its narrow IF rim
  • comes as a sophisticated combination of Silgranit and a Stainless steel frame – Steelframe look

Do you like to daydream and gaze out at the sky while you rinse large pots? Don’t we all! Then why not position your inset sink facing a window? Rinse off one pan in one bowl, while washing pepper, cucumber and tomatoes in the other. It’s great when your sink fits with your kitchen routine. How many bowls will you need?

Or do you want to use a nook of your kitchen as the place for the sink? Your inset sink will work just as well in the corner. Its special shape allows it to blend harmoniously into the overall kitchen look. Above all, inset sinks are notable for their diversity.

One or several bowls, with or without a drainer, square, rectangular, round or as a corner sink – you’re spoilt for choice. And they also come in three different materials – Stainless steel, Silgranit and Ceramic.

Your sink is the focal point of your kitchen. It makes sense for it to be functional. Do you also want to make it an eye-catching feature? BLANCO inset sinks exude down-to-earth chic.

easy-to-handle inset sink

Easy to handle

Almost everyone will find it a breeze. No matter for whom or in which setting it is installed, whether it is big or small, and whatever the design, those opting for an inset sink with installation from above into the worktop, have a wide range of choices. Gleaming Stainless steel sinks, resistant Granite sinks made of Silgranit or glossy Ceramic sinks – all are easy to install. On any worktop. One striking feature of an inset sink is its somewhat curved rim. This allows the sink to sit on top of the worktop. However, the rim can also be made very flat. Stainless steel sinks with this IF flat rim appear to be almost flushmount. Advantage: it can be installed with any kind of worktop, including laminates.

Inset sink in kitchen island

Richly varied all-rounders

Quickly washing apples, plunging eggs into cold water, draining past or thawing meat: did you know that we do something at the sink up to 80 times a day? That’s the figure estimated by experts. You spend lots of time at your kitchen sink. Make it your own personal kitchen highlight. An inset sink gives you lots of opportunities in this area.
Do you want it to be round, hexagonal, rectangular or square? Or shell-shaped, as a corner sink? Are you keen on a glossy look? Choose a Stainless steel inset sink. Do you want your sink to add a burst of colour to your kitchen? A Silgranit inset sink gives a dash of colour. Or blends in with the existing colour scheme. Just as you like it. Ceramic inset sinks don’t let anything adhere to them, including bacteria. The choice is yours! What’s it going to be?

IF sink rim

The sink looks particularly sophisticated with an accentuated rim design

The Steelframe provides an lavish frame for your sink – made out of brushed stainless steel. It is also available as a combination of two different materials. This results in a contrast that highlights your sink within the overall impression.
The contrast provided by the pairing of Stainless steel and silky-stone Silgranit in anthracite is particularly striking. You can create a discreetly elegant accent in your kitchen by combining Stainless steel and a white Silgranit sink.
In contrast to the flat Steelframe version, the rim of the ATTIKA sinks is markedly raised. This also creates special accents within the kitchen. It is reminiscent of Bauhaus style: straight, clean lines, without frills.

Inset sinks are suitable for worktops made of the following materials:

  • Laminate
  • Stone
  • Glass
  • Stainless steel worktop
  • Composites

Which worktops allow an inset sink to be fitted? What should you bear in mind?

The inset sink is the model that is suitable for everyone. Choose your worktop, then your favourite sink. You’ll see that it works! Of course, it is important that the sink is correctly sealed when it is attached onto the worktop. This will prevent dirt, germs and water from penetrating the worktop.

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