BLANCO fortifies the focus on the water hub

Ceramic sink production carved out via management buy-out

Oberderdingen/Germany, December 02, 2020.
BLANCO, well-known manufacturer of kitchen faucets and sinks, is increasing its focus on the entire kitchen water hub system. The Germany-based company is spinning off its production plant for ceramic sinks and bowls in Istanbul (Turkey). The long-standing interim manager on site, Tufan Uçar, will take over production as part of a management buy-out (MBO). He will operate the plant going forward under the name Nuevo Seramik A.Ş. BLANCO has also signed a long-term supply contract with the new company for the manufacture of sinks and bowls. The deal took effect on November 26, 2020, following approval by the authorities.

Ceramic sink production carved out via management buy-out

Andreas Ostermann von Roth, Chief Operations Officer (COO) of BLANCO, is convinced that everyone benefits from the agreement: “The plant’s future independence will free up BLANCO’s internal resources, allowing us to successfully build upon our position as a leading system provider of an integrated, seamless water hub. Employees in Istanbul have a clear view of what the future holds as the plant continues to operate under the same management team. At the same time, the MBO ensures a seamless transition for our customers. With Mr Uçar as a partner, plus a well-established team, we can ensure the ongoing supply of ceramic bowls of BLANCO’s usual high quality to our customers.”

Ceramic sinks are a relatively small segment in many markets. At the same time, production is quite complex. Most sinks worldwide are still made of stainless steel, nevertheless sinks made of coloured composite material are achieving high growth rates. Thus, the premium brand BLANCO is successful worldwide with its sinks and bowls made of Silgranit.

By realigning its focus, BLANCO is aiming to sharpen its profile as a brand for seamlessly integrated solutions at the kitchen water hub. It seeks to delight consumers with everyday convenience and benefits when it comes to drinking water, preparing food and cleaning. BLANCO has already blazed a trail in this product area of the market with its unit, which it launched in 2020.

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