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New accessories: BLANCO foldable grid for sinks and bowls

It’s often the clever accessories that make everyday kitchen tasks so much more convenient, and thereby more efficient. The new foldable grid is one such accessory. This all-rounder product is ideal as a draining rack or additional space for placing things above the bowl – and it makes a practical addition to the worktop or dining table, too.

Folded up to create a zig-zag shape, the grid provides a secure drying area for delicate glasses

It works particularly well with sensitive surfaces, offering scratch and heat protection, and it is big enough for you to set a casserole dish that has just come out of the oven down on it. When the foldable grid is placed on the edge of the bowl, pots can be filled up from there, saving you from having to lift them up and down. The foldable grid also makes a useful addition to grooveless draining areas, as it allows vessels to be drained more effectively. This sophisticated accessory is absolutely indispensable for single and double bowls without a draining area.

The foldable grid is made of high-quality stainless steel rods, connected by flexible, slip-proof silicon strips. This makes it stable, but it also has lengthwise flexibility: for instance, it can be set up in a zig-zag shape, allowing wineglasses to be laid in a secure tilted position to dry. When it is not being used, it can be folded up to save space and stowed at the edge of the sink or in the base cabinet. The foldable grid is available in two sizes (425 mm and 440 mm long) and is a recommended optional accessory for all sorts of sink and bowls.

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