BLANCO: Ragnar Jehle responsible for “Global Products”

On the 1 July Ragnar Jehle took over the responsibility for “Global Products”. In this newly created position he will report directly to CEO Frank Gfrörer. Jehle graduated from the University of Pforzheim after receiving a Master of Business Administration and Marketing. He started his career in product marketing at the company Kärcher. In 2004 he moved to the WMF group where he held various positions, latterly as Vice President Strategic Marketing and Development.

On 1 July Ragnar Jehle, took over the responsibility of Global Products“

CEO Frank Gfrörer stressed “We are very happy to welcome Ragnar Jehle to our senior management. With his extensive experience in strategic marketing and product management he is the ideal addition to our team.”

Ragnar Jehle (48 years old) will take over the complete responsibility for product management including product development and innovation management. “Today, the excellent products go to form the backbone of the brand BLANCO.” Ragnar Jehle added: “To strengthen this with attractive, multifunctional innovations is a really exciting challenge which I am looking forward to facing. In millions kitchen all over the world you will find BLANCO products and additionally the ‘water hub’ is the most used area in the kitchen. Our goal in the future is to optimize the dovetailing of the very successful sink/faucet/waste system and to ensure that it can be smoothly integrated into existing kitchen environments. We want to provide the retail market with first class products which are attractive for the customer and offer, at the same time, the consumers a perceptible additional benefit while carrying out their day-to-day activities in the kitchen”.

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