Cooking like a pro

3 ingredients for a optimal kitchen equipment

A halved artichoke on a dark chopping board
a woman cooks red lentils at a BLANCO sink

So Yummy!

A risotto that melts in the mouth, perfectly filleted fish and a chocolate cake that conceals a molten chocolate centre ... if you want to serve up such delights to your guests, you need the right kitchen equipment. Three tips can help you choose the right equipment and a practical design for your kitchen.

1. Making all the Difference: High-Quality Basics

A good set of knives (cooking knife, peeling knife and bread knife), a pan for searing and a potato peeler are just some of the must-haves in every kitchen. If these basics are of high quality, half your work is done. You don’t need an excessive range of kitchen equipment in order to cook like a pro. It’s better to opt for a few high-quality products that you can work with effectively. Instead of compiling lists of the perfect kitchen equipment, it’s worth thinking about what is actually going to work in your kitchen. If you’re going to be doing lots of cooking from scratch, you might need a selection of chopping boards made of different materials, for preparing vegetables, meat and herbs in the best possible way. If you like baking, you won’t be able to do without sieves and cake tins in various different sizes.

2. A place for everything: short paths thanks to kitchen zones

If you want to cook delicious meals, you first need to get a good overall sense of the working area. What use is a practical hand-held blender if there’s no room for it on the worktop? It’s also far from practical if the distance between the chopping board holding the prepared vegetables and the cooker is too large. As such, smart cooking begins with a carefully considered division of the kitchen. With that in mind, the kitchen equipment is clearly arranged in different zones of the kitchen: washing, cooking, preparing ingredients, store cupboard ingredients and fresh food. Icing sugar is always to hand, while chicken legs can be marinated on the spacious worktop. You can cook like a pro even in more compact kitchens, as clever solutions create space. The sink area doesn’t just have to be used for washing up: if equipped with moveable chopping boards or multifunctional colanders for temporary storage, the sink area can also be integrated into the cooking process. Vegetables can be drained or stored temporarily in the colanders while waiting to join the meat in the pan. XL sinks are particularly big on space, allowing baking tins to be cleaned after cooking without water splashing everywhere unnecessarily.

Walkways in the kitchen are important

3. The route to becoming a pro: clever technology for greater efficiency

When it comes to kitchen equipment, the icing on the cake is useful devices that make kitchen tasks easier. It’s worth considering purchasing an induction cooker that allows you to fine-tune the temperature, as this can be a real plus when cooking more adventurous dishes. Some models have full-surface induction tops, which allow you to use the entire surface for cooking. Others offer the option for interconnecting individual cooking surfaces, thus eliminating the problem of large pans not getting enough heat. You should also think about the tasks that come after cooking: a pull-out spray allows you to rinse pots, pans and plates like you would in a large kitchen, which saves lots of time and energy, particularly in family homes. Having a drain remote control for the bowl: just press a button and the water drains away. These stand-out technical features round out the planning of kitchen equipment and enhance the basics in a logical way, but they’re not must-haves.