The minimalistic kitchen

A heaven of tranquillity in your home

Minimalistic galley kitchen

Minimalist living meets our needs: when you come home after an eventful day with lots to take in, sometimes you want nothing more than refreshing silence and a blank space. Minimalism leaves you room to think clearly. Above all, your kitchen should be somewhere that everything has its own place, and where you can really switch off. Find out here how you can bring this atmosphere into your own kitchen.

Minimalism: what we really need

Minimalism is not just an interior style, but rather a way of life. If you want to set yourself up in minimalistic style, first declutter your home and your life. Lots of people are trying to live consciously and sustainably due to dwindling natural resources and sensory overload from social media. By purchasing just a few products of high quality, you can reduce your overall consumption.

Minimalistic kitchens: Plenty of space for creativity

You can declutter your living space, but creating a minimalistic kitchen represents a whole new challenge. After all, there are so many brilliantly practical kitchen aids and decorative elements that can assist with preparing food and even cooking. As such, you should conduct an inventory: How much of your kitchenware do you use? Which dishes actually end up on the table? And do you really need those culinary-themed artworks above the worktop? Many kitchens contain objects that never get used. They rob you of space and distract you from what is essential. The solution: clear out your kitchen, leaving only the items that you actively use. These can be stored in a few well-sorted cabinets.

Stick to the essentials when it comes to your kitchen fittings, too: for cooking, you only need an oven, a refrigerator, worktops, and a sink. Simplicity does not necessairly stand for standard configuration. It's worth considering multifunctional equipment of high quality. Like a hot water mixer tab that will save you the additional water kettle and so forth. You get the idea.

Timeless classic designs for a sustainable kitchen

When designing your kitchen, go for high-quality appliances and accessories. In the interests of sustainability, you want to be able to go on using them for a long time. If you find yourself wondering whether to purchase a particular kitchen appliance, ask yourself whether you really need it. Are you really going to bake enough of your own bread to justify buying a breadmaking machine? Every appliance takes up space. In a minimalistic kitchen, however, you should keep all of your worktops as uncluttered as possible. Less is more in this case. This allows you to showcase the materials to best effect.

Minimalistic kitchen design is defined by

  • The choice of sustainable materials:Worktops and kitchen cabinets may come in solid wood, concrete or granite. Natural colours and textures that give the room a sense of tranquillity are also important.
  • Make sure your kitchen is highly functional:Living in a minimalist style also means focusing on the essentials. This also means using an important space like the sink in a multifunctional way.
  • Limit your crockery to classic designs: plates, cups and drinking glasses in the latest colours will soon lose their appeal. Opt for classic shapes and subtle colours that are always pleasing to the eye.
  • Straight linesexude calm and timeless aesthetics.
  • Optical clarity through handle-less fronts and emphasis on large-format grids.
  • Minimalist design mostly in monochrome muted, matte colors with low luminosity
  • The combination of matte black and gray marble is elegant and classy at the same time.
  • Real wood fronts in oak, ash, walnut or elm are designed in a vertical direction and have a continuous veneer pattern.
  • Brushed steel is the new standard surface for high-quality fittings.
  • Metallic surfaces change to matt, patinated brass and bronze tones under the influence of natural tones.

Which colors fit into a minimalist kitchen:

  • White: the perfect base with which to combine all colors. Unlike black or gray, white looks neutral and very modern.
  • Tartufo: In combination with white radiates calm and serenity. Very harmonious with natural woods and matte gray-brown tones..
  • Alu Metallic: Metallic gray emphasizes the modern look and goes well with light woods and light surroundings.
  • Rock Grey: Striking gray with warm brown tones matches Modern Style with gray-brown wood and stones.
  • Anthracite: in combination with muted natural colours does not feel too powerful.
  • Black: Matte in combination with brass and gold radiates warmth and looks particularly luxurious.
BLANCO AXIA in a minimalistic kitchen

How to work and cook with a minimalistic sink

A sink can boast lots of additional functions, which are indispensable in a minimalistic kitchen. After cooking, you can place hot pots on the non-slip Top-Rails, which can be attached to the sink. Vegetables can be stored in a corner caddy until you need to use them. The colander can be hung within the bowl with ease. If you need extra worktop space, you can simply repurpose the sink. Sink systems like the AXIA III come with a moveable cutting board. The board makes the bowl disappear when you're not using it.

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