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Now you can rinse in style

Stylish sinks

Tailored shirts, smartwatches that anticipate your thoughts, sensor-operated kitchen mixer taps – if that sparks your curiosity, read on. We show that our sinks espoused class and high-tech a long time ago. The days in which style and a sense of beauty ended at the kitchen door are now long over.

The sink, rediscovered

Those who prize gems will be happy in the kitchen. And we’re not talking about a 2010 Mouton-Rothschild or a fillet steak of hand-massaged Kobe beef, but rather the real centrepiece of any kitchen: the sink.

Where our grandmothers once did the washing up, we can now produce Instagram-worthy sushi, mix cocktails à la Charles Schumann or chop julienne carrots to perfection. This is where we prepare aperitifs to go with finger food while a beef bourguignon roasts away in the oven.

With the right fittings, the sink can be transformed into the main draw of your kitchen and any kitchen gathering. Whether you're one for analogue or digital, you're bound to generate lots of likes. After all, where do people like to hang out once they’ve topped up their gin and tonic? That’s right. The kitchen.

So if you’re planning this haven of bliss from scratch, go into details! Ultimately, you want to remain happy with your decision for as long as possible. There are lots of opportunities to turn an everyday task into a mini event or a big happening.

Robust sensuality

Durinox material innovation

BLANCO is completely revolutionising the experience of stainless steel in its manufactory, using aerospace technology.

Velvety matte and slightly shimmering – that’s how stainless steel innovation looks. But don’t be deceived. Behind the fine façade lies a hard core. Compared with conventional stainless steel products, the surface is twice as hard and resistant to scratches and fingerprints. You can throw any number of parties here without having to worry about the impact on your kitchen.

This is one of several reasons why many see Durinox as an alternative to conventional worktops. Thanks to the hygienic material properties, ambitious home cooks can even prepare vegetarian spring rolls on the worktop itself– show-cooking with the wow factor.

CLARON bowl made of DURINOX

Thrilling and harmonious

For those who feel an entire look in stainless steel is a bit much, the new CLARON bow could be just the thing. Made with craftsmanship, if offers all the benefits of Durinox. And the contrast between the cool, industrial-looking stainless steel and warm natural materials like wood creates a thrilling yet harmonious mix.

To the CLARON bowl made of Durinox

Don't touch

Bringing a new ease to kitchen tasks

We use our kitchen mixer tap up to 75 times a day – but with the SOLENTA-S Senso we wish that we could operate the touch-free contacts at least twice as much. Precision sensor technology helps you to determine the water flow exactly, while keeping your hands free. You no longer have to let go of large pots. They are easy to fill, holding the handles tightly with both hands.

A brand new ease to kitchen tasks. Or as Heraclitus might have put it: everything flows.

Solenta-S Senso sensor-operated mixer tap

Inspired by professionals

False triggering? Never! The sensor is placed in such a way that you can control the operation of the tap precisely. Close-range detection.

More about the smart SOLENTA-S.....

High-tech meets design

Turn the flow on and off with a touch

Fancy something even more high-tech? That’s where the sensor-operated SensorControl Blue drain remote control comes into play. Even washing up is better. Firstly, you no longer have to reach into the dirty dishwater. Secondly, the design doesn’t jar with the overall look. Quite the contrary. At only 5 mm high, the operating element made of high-quality stainless steel is the very epitome of minimalism.

BLANCO SensorControl Blue drain remote control

It doesn’t get better than that. And it doesn’t get more practical, either.

It works with rubber gloves or a fresh manicure, all perfectly precise and elegant. Pared-back design, functional look, superb features.

Rinse with us

If you’re looking for kitchen bliss, are a fan of design and the highest standards of quality, and if you are never satisfied with run-of-the-mill offerings, you’re bound to find your dream sink and mixer tap at BLANCO. We wish you have many exciting, inspiring, enjoyable and happy moments with BLANCO!

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