Play of contrasts

AVONA - Play of contrasts
AVONA - Play of contrasts
BLANCO AVONA sets itself apart with its high-contrast interplay between round and angular shapes: the slender, cubic outlet flows into the conical, gradually widening tap base. The compact, leaf-shaped control level provides another design accent. This unconventional look won the mixer tap a place in the Selection at the international Iconic Awards 2016 in Cologne. In practical terms, the 360° pivotable outlet provides a fantastic working radius. BLANCO AVONA-S offers an even greater range thanks to its pull-out hose. With its 140° pivotable outlet, BLANCO AVONA-S makes cleaning vegetables or filling tall vases a breeze. When it comes to colour-matching, BLANCO AVONA also comes in an impressive range of shades: the mixer tap is available in chrome and all 9 of the current SILGRANIT colours – both in the version with a pull-out hose and in models with a fully pivotable outlet.
AVONA with extendible hose

Extendible hose

BLANCO mixer taps with an extendible hose meet all the expectations of a modern kitchen mixer tap. Regardless of whether your kitchen is compact or spacious, S-shaped mixer tap models with a pull-out hose provide greater operating comfort when using sinks of any size or design. Whether you want to rinse your sink down quickly after washing up to get any foam off the edges of the bowl, or fill up a high-sided container. The different hose systems give you an extended range of action at your individually selected bowl. These flexible hose systems offer you maximum convenience as you go about your kitchen tasks, and soon you won’t want to be without them.

BLANCO AVONA black matt with cold-start function

Save energy with the cold-start function

Not only do mixer taps with a cold-start function save energy, but they also give you greater freedom when planning your kitchen. Mixer taps with this feature have a control lever that has cold start as its default setting. As such, when you lift the lever, you get cold water first, rather than hot water flowing immediately. The water boiler or flow heater is only switched on when required, which significantly reduces power consumption. One major plus is that the lever remains vertical in the zero setting. This allows you to install your sink and mixer tap closer to the wall, which is a particular plus for single bowls.

What will your AVONA look like?

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