Boiling hot water in no time

Hot water directly from the kitchen mixer tap thanks to BLANCO TAMPERA Hot
Get hot water directly from the tap with BLANCO TAMPERA Hot
Make tea with hot water directly from the mixer tap – BLANCO TAMPERA Hot is the solution you need.

Whether you want to make fresh tea, brew some coffee, blanch vegetables or fill up your hot-water bottle, if you want to boil some water, you usually have to wait. But no longer! BLANCO hot water systems provide boiling hot water within seconds. It all happens completely safely at the unique kitchen water hub.Being able to get boiling water straight away from the tap saves you valuable time in the kitchen, not to mention space: BLANCO hot water taps consign kettles to history. Your kitchen mixer tap is thus transformed into a fully-fledged drinking water station. It supports a healthy lifestyle by providing boiling, warm or cold filtered drinking water.

A quick comparison: how long you have to wait for 1 litre of boiling water

How long does it take for 1 litre of water to boil? How long you have to wait for the water to boil will depend on aspects such as appliance power, vessel and air pressure. Experience has shown that it takes longest on a gas hob, but a 2,000 Watt ceramic hob still takes almost 5 minutes. Lots of people have a kettle in their kitchen for boiling water. An induction hob saves you a bit of time compared to gas or ceramic hobs, but with a hot water tap you get instant boiling water straight from the mixer tap, with no waiting time whatsoever.

No need to boil water. No need to wait. Always a pleasure.

A woman reads a books while enjoying a hot cup of tea

Instant hot water saves you time

The clever integration of two functions into one mixer tap makes it all possible. The control unit on one side is used to run filtered boiling and cold water, while the unit on the other side controls cold and warm water from the mains. You can use this to rinse dishes and glasses. At first glance it looks like a normal kitchen mixer tap, but in fact it’s an all-embracing drinking water system.

The EVOL-S Pro Hot can also be safely used by young children

Safe even for little ones

The hot water tap from BLANCO has an integrated safety function: it will only dispense boiling water if you press down and turn the hot water rotary switch at the same time. The mixer tap has been specially designed so that you cannot run boiling water unless you intend to do so, thus preventing accidental scalding at the hot water tap.

Boiling hot water straight from the tap

Compact stream of boiling water

The insulated spout and concentrated, splash-free stream protect the hands against hot water. All BLANCO hot water systems have an insulated spout. The measuring cup function allows you to pre-set the amount of hot water you require, so exactly the right amount of water is dispensed into your teapot or cup.

Maximum flexibility with separately operated swivel tap

Maximum flexibility

The clear separation between the water channels and independently operated swivel arms allow you to run mixed water and filtered drinking water at the same time, without restricting you to just one or the other.

The tap flows up above. The hard work happens down below.

High-tech in the base cabinet

High-tech in the base cabinet

The high-pressure boiler is made of titanium, so it is resistant to corrosion and tasteless

Hot water now tastes better than ever with the BWT multi-stage filter

BWT multi-stage filter

Before heating, this innovative, high-performance filter purifies water from pipe several times.

If the filter needs to be changed, the control box will warn you by sounding a signal

Replace the filter at the right time

If the filter needs to be changed, the control box will warn you by sounding a signal.

There is enough room in the base cabinet for a waste management system

Compact fit in the base cabinet

There is enough room in the base cabinet for a BLANCO waste management system.

The most frequently asked questions about BLANCO hot water mixer taps

How hot is the water from BLANCO hot water mixer taps?

The boiler heats the water within the system to around 105 degrees so that the temperature of the water flowing from the tap is almost 100 degrees.

Can I install the hot water system with a low-pressure boiler?

No, this is a high-pressure mixer tap.

How long does the boiler take to heat up fresh water?

If all of the water has been used up and the boiler has to heat up the entire volume of water from scratch, the heating-up will take around 15 minutes.

Is there a risk of burning myself on the mixer tap spout?

No, not under normal circumstances. The internal structure of the spout is such that boiling water is surrounding by normal mixed (warm/cold) water, thus insulating the spout. If the spout becomes unpleasantly hot due to constant drawing of boiling water, you should run the cold water briefly. This will soon cool the spout down again.

Are BLANCO Hot water systems safe for children?

The controls have been specially developed in such a way that the hot water function is operated separately from the mixed water. However, please supervise children when using the mixer tap.

If the hot water system compatible with the waste management system in the base cabinet?

Yes, BLANCO has a special waste management system specifically for this purpose, with smaller dimensions to fit in a 60-cm base cabinet. The BLANCO SELECT Compact 60/2 requires dimensions of 550 mm.