A fresh solution with filtered water

FONTAS - A fresh solution with filtered water
FONTAS - A fresh solution with filtered water
BLANCO FONTAS provides three options: warm, cold and filtered cold water. The BLANCO FONTAS-S II Filter tap is notable for its pull-out spout for warm and cold water and filtered water. This spout allows flexible use around the sink, making it easy to fill household appliances like your kettle or coffeemachine reservoir with filtered water. A fresh solution that tastes great. The two separate control levers for cold and warm water on the right-hand side and the control lever for filtered water on the left-hand side ensure that you can always get exactly the type of water that you want at any given moment.
FONTAS in satin gold

Mixer taps and accessories with the wow factor

Satin gold accents are becoming increasingly popular in kitchens, whether in the form of handles or worktop edges. High-quality BLANCO elements in satin gold give your kitchen the real wow factor, especially around the water place. Kitchen mixer taps and integrated soap dispensers create a harmonious overall look thanks to superb workmanship and aesthetic design that prove a lasting source of delight.

FONTAS S in black matt

Fontas black matt

Playing with black as an accent color in Design is more relevant than ever. And can be style-defining. The classic design color black matt sets accents without being obtrusive - and is timelessly beautiful. The full-surface powder coating impresses with its uniformity and depth of color. When combining taps and soap dispensers in black matt with our Silgranit black or Dark Steel sinks, we recommend adding the strainer set in black matt so you can enjoy BLANCO’s functionality in an all-black water place. For contrasting accents combine black matt taps with light-coloured Silgranit, Ceramic or stainless steel sinks.

BLANCO FONTAS filter mixer tap

Better tasting water

Water without any objectionable flavours and an optimally reduced limescale content – straight from the tap: the drink.filter FONTAS system quenches thirst with refined drinking water, thus doing away with the effort of carrying in and restocking crates of water. The high-quality filter built into the base cabinet refines tap water no fewer than five times. This results in discernibly excellent filtered water with the added advantage that the low level of limescale also reduces the effort required in cleaning kitchen appliances like coffee machines and can prolong their lifetime.​

You can choose between drink.filter FONTAS system (including a filter tap and a filter system) or one of our filter taps and combine it with an existing filter system or a filter system of your choice.​

BLANCO FONTAS II Filter in stainless finish UltraResist

PVD Steel – the protective shield for lasting elegance

If you want to be able to enjoy your kitchen mixer tap for a long time to come, then opt for a mixer tap in PVD Steel. Thanks to a special PVD technology process, your product is coated with high-quality stainless steel particles. This vacuum evaporation process produces an extremely hard, oxidation-resistant and durable coating. This ensures that your mixer tap will retain its character and timeless elegance even with heavy wear. All PVD Steel mixer taps are perfectly coordinated with stainless steel bowls and sinks.

BLANCO FONTAS II Filter with cold-start function

Save energy with the cold-start function

Not only do mixer taps with a cold-start function save energy, but they also give you greater freedom when planning your kitchen. Mixer taps with this feature have a control lever that has cold start as its default setting. As such, when you lift the lever, you get cold water first, rather than hot water flowing immediately. The water boiler or flow heater is only switched on when required, which significantly reduces power consumption. One major plus is that the lever remains vertical in the zero setting. This allows you to install your sink and mixer tap closer to the wall, which is a particular plus for single bowls.

What will your FONTAS look like?

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