Upward-reaching design

KANO - Upward-reaching design
KANO - Upward-reaching design
The mixer taps from the BLANCO KANO range are notable for their aesthetic design and slender shape. The clean lines and rounded design of the spout and control element give this mixer tap a delicate look. As such, mixer taps from the KANO range fit perfectly into all sorts of different interior styles. What's more, the models are available both in a chrome version and in an array of colours, allowing you to combine your KANO mixer tap with a granite sink made of Silgranit in the same shade. Your sink thus becomes an eye-catching feature within a harmonious kitchen design. The KANO series from BLANCO is also impressive in terms of functionality: the upward-rising line of the spout makes it particularly well suited to compact sinks. The spout of the S-version can be pivoted 120 degrees, or 360 degrees for the fixed version, making washing up and working at your sink all the more convenient. Your KANO mixer tap can also be equipped with a pull-out spout upon request, making cleaning larger pots and pans an absolute breeze.
BLANCO KANO blackmatt


Playing with black as an accent color in Design is more relevant than ever. And can be style-defining. The classic design color black matt sets accents without being obtrusive - and is timelessly beautiful. The full-surface powder coating impresses with its uniformity and depth of color. When combining taps and soap dispensers in black matt with our Silgranit black or Dark Steel sinks, we recommend adding the strainer set in black matt so you can enjoy BLANCO’s functionality in an all-black water place. For contrasting accents combine black matt taps with light-coloured Silgranit, Ceramic or stainless steel sinks.


Washing-up liquid and soap dispensers in a matching design

Practical, sustainable and elegant: the permanently integrated washing-up liquid and soap dispensers for the sink are available in designs that match many BLANCO mixer taps and thus fit seamlessly in to the look of your kitchen. They can also be retrofitted to most Silgranit bowls. This makes rinsing dishes or washing your hands especially easy and convenient, as the dispenser is a breeze to operate even if your hands are wet or slippery. One simple push is enough. As the fittings are fixed, they can't topple over or slip around. When the dispenser is empty, you can fill it back up in no time at all. Thanks to the ease of use, our washing-up liquid and soap dispensers will remain efficient and effective for a long time to come.

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