Striking elegance for modern kitchens.

LANORA - Striking elegance for modern kitchens.
LANORA - Striking elegance for modern kitchens.
BLANCO LANORA – a clean mixer tap design for modern kitchens. The solid hight-quality stainless steel plays a huge part in the overall impression here. Little details such as the radial brushed surfaces of the control elements round out the look. Our LANORA kitchen mixer taps also feature a range of impressive functions. The particularly high outlet makes filling large pots and vases even easier. Installing it in front of back panels is also a breeze thanks to the vertical control lever. Window-facing versions are also available in the LANORA-F and LANORA-S-F models. This mixer tap can be installed in a number of ways, as you can simply lift it out and place it beside the sink, allowing you to open the window. With the BLANCO LANORA-S version, you also benefit from a pull-out spout, which makes cleaning fruit and vegetables or the sink bowl itself particularly easy.
LANORA stainless steel mixer tap

Stainless steel mixer tap

If you set great store by the highest-quality materials when fitting out your kitchen, then a stainless steel mixer tap is a must. Made of solid stainless steel, these BLANCO premium mixer taps can withstand even the toughest demands. The harmonious metal surfaces not only look great, but also provide a pleasant feel as you go about your daily tasks. Certain models also feature a lavish radial brushed surface.

One interesting feature of stainless steel is that it will maintain its shine over time, given the proper care. Stainless steel is also a regenerating material. As the surface comes into contact with oxygen, scratches become fainter or may disappear altogether. There’s no doubt about it: stainless steel mixer taps are a clear sign of high-quality kitchen design. They embody durability and timeless elegance. You’ll be enjoying your sink and mixer tap for many years to come! 

BLANCO LANORA with cold-start function

Save energy with the cold-start function

Not only do mixer taps with a cold-start function save energy, but they also give you greater freedom when planning your kitchen. Mixer taps with this feature have a control lever that has cold start as its default setting. As such, when you lift the lever, you get cold water first, rather than hot water flowing immediately. The water boiler or flow heater is only switched on when required, which significantly reduces power consumption. One major plus is that the lever remains vertical in the zero setting. This allows you to install your sink and mixer tap closer to the wall, which is a particular plus for single bowls.

BLANCO PIONA in stainless steel

Washing-up liquid and soap dispensers in a matching design

Practical, sustainable and elegant: the permanently integrated washing-up liquid and soap dispensers for the sink are available in designs that match many BLANCO mixer taps and thus fit seamlessly in to the look of your kitchen. They can also be retrofitted to most Silgranit bowls. This makes rinsing dishes or washing your hands especially easy and convenient, as the dispenser is a breeze to operate even if your hands are wet or slippery. One simple push is enough. As the fittings are fixed, they can't topple over or slip around. When the dispenser is empty, you can fill it back up in no time at all. Thanks to the ease of use, our washing-up liquid and soap dispensers will remain efficient and effective for a long time to come.

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LANORA-S-F in Stainless Steel brushed

Open up your kitchen with pull-out window-facing mixer taps

BLANCO also offers various window-facing mixer taps like the LANORA-F and LANORA-S-F that allow quick and easy opening of windows next to the sink. The simplest solution for easy mixer tap removal also provides the greatest freedom when it comes to window and kitchen planning, It all works thanks to flexible hoses and a special base for the mixer tap. For the mixer tap model without a pull-out hose, you need a distance of just 2.5 cm between the window sash and the sink. The tap can be pulled upright within the space of seconds, then laid down to the side of the sink. Reassembling it is just as easy. All this means that nothing stands in the way of you opening and shutting the window.

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