Chimes beautifully with country house-style kitchen designs

FARON - Chimes beautifully with country house-style kitchen designs
With its traditional style touches, BLANCO FARON is the perfect match for modern country house-style kitchens. The characteristic double grooves are reminiscent of panelling yet the sink still has a light, linear appearance. A fine profile edge emphasises this look and can be found both at the rim of the sink and on the cutting board, which matches the sink. The solid ash chopping board provides superb assistance for everyday kitchen tasks. Fruit and vegetables can be rinsed in the XL bowl and then chopped right where you’re standing. The FARON thus offers plenty of convenience and versatility. The wooden chopping board can be positioned variably across the entire sink or suspended transversely in the bowl. The optional chopping board with burned-in decoration is particularly on-trend. FARON thus becomes a decorative feature of your kitchen in its own right.
XL-Becken of FARON

XL bowl

An extra-large bowl opens up new possibilities for working at the kitchen sink, and you’ll never want to be without them again. You’ll notice the difference from the very first time you wash the dishes – for instance, leaving a large pot to soak in the bowl won't be a problem, and draining a wok in the bowl is a breeze. XL bowls are also just the thing when it comes to preparing food: when combined with the matching accessories, it is possible to perform several tasks at the same time, such as rinsing salad leaves in the bowl below while draining tomatoes on an attachable drip grid above. Filling up high-sided vessels is also easy thanks to the extra-large bowl. This allows you to make the most of the newly acquired space in your XL sink. 


Impressively elegant. Remarkably intense.

SILGRANIT black is the must-have colour for design aficionados. The new black from BLANCO has an appealing depth that creates breathtakingly opulent accents in kitchens with light-coloured worktops, or exudes a mysterious sense of luxury as an elegant option for all-black kitchens. This intense black always lets your personality shine through. Discover wholly distinctive design possibilities and uniquely robust, easy-care material properties with the diverse selection of mixer taps and sinks in timelessly beautiful SILGRANIT black!

What will your FARON look like?

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Country house-style kitchens

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Here you will find tips and information on how to transform your modern country house kitchen into a place where the whole family feels at home.

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