CORESSA - Simply fold it down


Simply fold it down

Our CORESSA-F mixer tap is the perfect solution for those looking for a hinged mixer tap to go in front of a window. The convenient folding mechanism allows the mixer tap to be retracted in seconds, so that the outlet disappears completely into the bowl, while the remaining fitting is only a few centimetres high. The cushioned folding process and secure locking in place ensure that your new mixer tap’s mechanism will continue to work beautifully over the long term. CORESSA-F can be supplied with the control lever on the left or right, depending on its place of installation. The high, arched outlet not only makes filling large pots and vases easier, but also creates an elegant design accent in your kitchen.
CORESSA for folding-down

Fold-down window-facing mixer tap

Being able to look out of the window as you work at the sink is a huge plus. With its range of mixer taps for window installation, BLANCO offers optimal solutions for sinks with a view of the outdoors. The modern window-facing LARESSA-F mixer tap is equipped with a convenient folding mechanism. It can be folded up in seconds, in just one movement, and lowered into the bowl. This allows you to open the window quickly and all the way, as the spout is completely lowered into the bowl. When folded up, the tap structure is only 6.5 cm high. An audible click at the top and bottom ends is a sure sign that the mixer tap has returned to its fully functional position once again. The side control level, which can be selected to go on the left or right, is particularly practical, as is the high spout of the LARESSA-F, which ensures that high-sided vessels are easy to fill with water. Thanks to this convenient technology, you can enjoy a completely new experience at the sink, with the window wide open.

What will your CORESSA look like?

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