Ingenious multi-level bowl with appealing features

ETAGON - Ingenious multi-level bowl with appealing features
ETAGON - Ingenious multi-level bowl with appealing features
ETAGON - Ingenious multi-level bowl with appealing features
The BLANCO ETAGON system concept offers advanced versatility at the sink. This needs-oriented tiered sink is remarkable for its integrated step, which creates a highly practical additional level. Positioned on the step, the ETAGON rails offer almost unlimited possible uses. For instance, they are ideal for holding pans or steamers, into which you can transfer vegetables straight from the cutting board above. The large bowl also makes it easy to clean cumbersome kitchenware such as baking trays. BLANCO ETAGON is available in Stainless steel, Silgranit and Ceramic. The range is impressive not only for its superlative functionality, but also its top-quality equipment. The C-overflow and InFino drain system are elegantly integrated and particularly easy to clean thanks to the stainless steel material. The optional accessories include cutting boards and practical multifunctional colanders. The ETAGON range comes in a number of installation options, for great flexibility: as undermount version, with an IF flat rim for flushmount or top-down installation, or as models with an integrated tap ledge for installation from above.
ETAGON multi-level concept

Multi-level concept

BLANCO ETAGON takes the possibilities of a sink to a whole new level. The integrated multi-level concept creates an additional third functional level, thus offering versatility of a sink and drainer without requiring the same amount of space. The multifunctional ETAGON rails enable you to work in a particularly ergonomic way and carry out various activities at the same time. For instance, you can simply set hot pots down on the rails while you quench cooked vegetables in ice-cold water into the bowl below. Simply insert a cutting board into the edge of the bowl and use the area above the bowl for optimal food preparation. Freshly chopped food can be transferred directly from the cutting board into dishes placed on the rails. The multi-level concept is also ideal for cleaning bulky dishes easily. The sliding rails are an ideal place to put dirty baking trays, making washing dishes easier than ever before. BLANCO ETAGON allows you go straight from one task to the next. Preparation is faster, there’s no need to go from one place to another, you can save time cleaning, and your kitchen stays looking good.

Blanco Etagon with accessories

Sink accessories

Innovative accessories such as cutting boards, colanders or rails convert your BLANCO sink its a perfect work station for preparing food or washing up. You can treat your sink to a practical upgrade using custom-fit, specially designed aids. It’s important to have enough space on the worktop when preparing ingredients. Custom-fit cutting boards that lie across the sink without slipping help with such tasks. You can use attachable stainless steel colanders to catch freshly cut food. Even wet berries or washed salad leaves area easy to drain without the need for lots of bowls and sieves. The first-class workmanship of accessories made of high-quality materials not only make our products long-lasting and safe, but also enhance the look of your sink center. Whether you opt for dazzling stainless steel, smooth safety glass or sophisticated natural wood, the quality and design of our accessories simply spark joy. New every day. 

BLANCO ETAGON 6 Black Edition

Bang on trend with black

Black accents are particularly popular in modern industrial-look kitchen plans, in elegant dark settings or when playing with contrasts. The BLANCO ETAGON 6 Black Edition now transforms the most-used space in the kitchen into a statement in black.

What will your ETAGON look like?

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