For ultimate ease of use

CATRIS - For ultimate ease of use
CATRIS - For ultimate ease of use
CATRIS - For ultimate ease of use
BLANCO CATRIS is a semi-professional mixer tap in a classic design that is bound to delight enthusiastic home cooks. The chrome mixer tap comes with an array of practical features: the flexible high-pressure spout is surrounded by a stainless steel spring and has a manoeuvrable and easy removable pull-out spray. As such, a CATRIS mixer tap makes cleaning even large pots and pans a breeze. In addition, the practical dual spray allows you to switch from a steam to a jet spray at the touch of a button. You can use the gentle stream flow to rinse delicate ingredients and materials, such as berries or glasses. The powerful jet spray, by contrast, is great for filling cooking pots with water quickly and conveniently. The CATRIS mixer tap works particularly well when combined with wall units, as it fills the space in-between to perfection.
Black matt accents in your kitchen

CATRIS black matt

Playing with black as an accent color is more relevant than ever. And can be style-defining. The classic design color black matt sets accents without being obtrusive - and is timelessly beautiful. The full-surface powder coating impresses with its uniformity and depth of color. Pull buttons and soap dispensers in a perfect color match are also available to complete the modern look.

Edelstahl finist Ultraresist

PVD Steel - the protective shield for lasting elegance

If you want to be able to enjoy your kitchen mixer tap for a long time to come, then opt for a mixer tap in PVD Steel. Thanks to a special PVD technology process, your product is coated with high-quality stainless steel particles. This vacuum evaporation process produces an extremely hard, oxidation-resistant and durable coating. This ensures that your mixer tap will retain its character and timeless elegance even with heavy wear. All PVD Steel mixer taps are perfectly coordinated with stainless steel bowls and sinks.

What will your CATRIS look like?

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