Sparkling water from the mains

A man drinks a glass of soda water from a BLANCO mixer tap
BLANCO EVOL-S Pro mixer tap
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Carrying crates of water around is a thing of the past thanks to the BLANCO drinking water system with its integrated water carbonator mounted beneath the surface, which provides sparkling water straight from the mains. The soda mixer tap dispenses filtered and chilled sparkling water besides the usual cold and warm tap water. Instant refreshment at the touch of a button.

Soda & Filter

The 5-in-1 drinking water system with the measuring cup function​

The Soda drinking water system from BLANCO transforms the kitchen mixer tap into a fully-fledged drinking water station for the home kitchen. Dispense chilled, filtered water The inbuilt water carbonator is connected to the mains and dispenses still or carbonated water as required. The Soda mixer tap boasts two unique functions. The left-hand unit dispenses chilled, filtered sparkling water that can be adjusted according to three options using the rotary control. You decide whether you want your water still, medium or sparkling. The intuitive measuring cup function allows you to choose the amount you want. Cold and warm tap water is activated on the right.

The EVOL-S Pro Soda mixer tap from BLANCO, with measuring cup function

Precise and exactly as required

Sparkling, medium, or still: 3 types of chilled water in 6 pre-defined quantities between 100 ml and 1,000 ml. Draw the exact amount of water you need. It’s all possible with the integrated measuring cup function.

EVOL-S Pro mixer tap click & touch control

Intuitive click & touch control​

The intuitive click & touch control makes using the mixer tap an absolute breeze. The clear separation between the two water channels allows you to run mixed water and refined drinking water at the same time.

CO2 cylinder for the EVOL-S Pro mixer tap being changed

Cutting-edge technology in the base cabinet

Soda unit: compact, fully integrated chilling and carbonation unit with intuitive touchscreen display. The practical, accessible filter and CO2 cylinder are easy to change.

A women rinses herbs under the EVOL-S Pro mixer tap from BLANCO

Flexible pull-out spray​

Two arms, which can be moved independently of each other, enable mixed water and filtered drinking water to be run at the same time.​

Questions about the soda mixer tap

What are the functions of the two mixer tap levers?

The lever on the right-hand side controls cold and warm mixed water in the usual way. The control on the left-hand side has a scaling wheel for selecting the type of water (filtered and chilled still, medium or fully sparkling water) and a scaling wheel to set the amount, allowing the user to dispense a pre-defined amount of filtered, chilled and carbonated water. Refined water is activated via a touch sensor attached to the side of the mixer tap.

How does touch operation work?

You can use the scaling wheel on the side of the mixer tap to choose between still water, medium sparkling water and fully sparkling water. The required amount of refined water is set using the measuring cup function and activated via the sensor on the side, with touch operation. ​

If the volume wheel is set to “0”, the sensor is switched off and no refined water will be dispensed. This prevents the system from being activated unintentionally and allows you to clean the mixer tap without triggering the flow of water.

How does the measuring cup function work?

You can choose between 6 different pre-defined amount of water between 100 and 1,000 ml. In addition, you can stop the flow of refined water at any point by tapping the sensor again.

How is the refined water carbonated?​

This is the job of the Soda unit in the base cabinet. This contains a filter for optimising the water and a 425 g CO2 cylinder to produce sparkling water.​

How often does the filter need to be changed?​

Regardless of capacity, the filter should be changed once or twice per year. ​

How much sparkling water can the CO2 cylinder provide?

The CO2 cylinder can make roughly 60 litres of sparkling water. This figure increases if it is used to make medium-sparkling water only.

If there a control display to show the remaining capacity of the filter and the CO2 cylinder?​

The Soda unit has an intuitive touch display that shows the remaining capacity of the CO2 cylinder and the filter. The current capacity is also shown via a colour display on the mixer tap.

Which other functions can be set via the Soda unit display?​

The temperature of the chilling unit can also be set between 4 and 10°C, and the cleaning program can be activated.​

How much chilled water can be dispensed at once over the period of an hour? ​

The Soda unit has a capacity of around 1.4 litres of chilled water and can chill 8 litres per hour. This means that approximately 1.4 litres of chilled water can be chilled any one time, or max. 8 litres of water over the space of an hour.

Is still water also chilled, or only soda water?

Still water is also chilled and always filtered, too.

How can I keep the appliance hygienically clean and maintain its service life?​ ​

The Soda unit has an automatic cleaning program that ensures that the system is safe and hygienic. You are advised to run this program once every six months. Instead of the filter, a cleaning adapted with a specially design tablet insert is screwed in and started by touching a button on the display. After about 30 minutes, the system is completely clean, rinsed and ready for hygienic use once more.​

What is included with delivery? ​

A soda water system comprising the mixer tap, Soda unit, a 5-stage filter with ion exchanger technology and activated carbon, a CO2 cylinder and the cleaning set, consisting of an adapter and tablet insert.

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