Filtered, chilled, sparkling or boiling hot

A man and a woman stand infront of a BLANCO UNIT and enjoy fresh water

Drinking water systems from BLANCO turns the standard tap water from your kitchen mixer tap into refined drinking water exactly as you want it. Save yourself unnecessary time and effort in the kitchen and free up more time for doing the things you love. All BLANCO drinking water systems consist of a mixer tap and a control unit with a multi-stage filter that nestle in the base cabinet beneath the sink. In addition, every mixer tap has a measuring cup function, so you can measure out the exact amount of water that you need for your pot of tea or cup of coffee. There’s no more wasting water because you’ve boiled more than you needed. Find out more about our filtered water, boiling water and sparkling water taps and discover your favourite.

Smart inventions. An array of functions. Countless applications.

BLANCO EVOL-S Pro Hot mixer tap filling glass teapot

Boiling hot water in no time

Whether you want to make fresh tea, brew some coffee, blanch vegetables or fill up your hot-water bottle, boiling water normally means standing around waiting. But no more! BLANCO hot water systems provide boiling hot water within seconds. All with the utmost safety at the unique kitchen water hub.

A glass of soda water with lemon. A BLANCO EVOL-S Pro Soda mixer tap in the background.

Get soda water straight from the water system in your kitchen.

The sparkling water system from BLANCO transforms the kitchen mixer tap into a fully-fledged drinking water station for the home kitchen. It chimes with a healthy lifestyle, while saving you precious time at home. Get chilled, filtered still or carbonated water directly from your smart tap. Having to carry big crates of soda water around is a thing of the past.​

BLANCO filter mixer tap with a pull-out spray

Greater taste thanks to the BLANCO filter system

When you’re really thirsty, you can’t beat a gulp of cold, fresh water. And when you’re making tea, putting together your own bottled water or using ice cubes, you want to know that you have high-quality water you can rely on. You can do all that with BLANCO: less limescale, more taste – BLANCO filter systems make for great-tasting water.

Professional installation of BLANCO Smart mixer taps.

Smart solutions, professional installation

BLANCO offers its own installation service for BLANCO water systems. The mixer taps are installed as part of the kitchen assembly on site by qualified BLANCO technicians, thus ensuring greater safety and reliability. You also get an induction into the functions, operation and maintenance of the mixer taps. Trust in the experience of a market leader when using your smart mixer tap.

The most frequently asked questions about BLANCO drinking water systems

When does the filter for the mixer tap need to be changed?

The longevity of the future will depend on the location and hardness of the local water. The flowmeter in the filter of your mixer tap measures the actual amount of water that is flowing through it and shows the remaining capacity in litres on a display. This gives you an indication of when the filter will need to be changed. Once the capacity has gone down to zero, a ten-time signal sounds when the filter is used to warn you that it needs to be changed. Even if you do not use it very much, the filter will still need to be changed at least every 12 months.

Can I use other filters?

No, only BLANCO filter cartridges can be used.

Can I replace the filter myself, or does it need to be done by a technician?

You can replace the filter yourself. A specialist technician is not required. When replacing the filter, do not turn the angle valve, as the filter head is already fitted with a shut-off valve. The water flow will stop automatically if the filter is removed.

Where can I buy replacement filter cartridges?

You can purchase the filters from the BLANCO replacement parts shop or from specialist retailers.

Can the filter be installed horizontally?

No, it is not possible to install or position the filter horizontally. It only works properly if installed vertically.

How long can an unused filter be stored?

As long as the packaging is unopened, filters do not have an expiry date.

What happens if I don’t use the filtering system for a long time?

We recommend making sure that your filter does not go unused for a long time. If the filter function goes unused for about 2–3 days, you should run at least 4 litres of water through it. If the filter is not used for 4 weeks or more, replace it with another.

Can the filter be adjusted do different levels of water hardness?

No, the filter head is pre-set. A specific amount of water is run through the ion exchanged and thus softened. Water hardness is intentionally not completely filtered out of the water. Essentially, however, the entire amount of water also flows through the other filter steps, the particle filter and the activated carbon filter. Only one option can be set on the bypass setting.