Add a dash of colour to your kitchen

VIU - Add a dash of colour to your kitchen
With its flexible shower hose, the BLANCO VIU-S offers plenty of freedom of movement. Not only can you reach into every corner of your sink, but you can also fill tall-sided vases or pots with ease. The special feature of this compact mixer tap is that it comes with a set of changeable hose covers in four accent colours: chrome/lava grey, chrome/orange, chrome/lemon and chrome/kiwi. The choice is yours, and you can swap them around to suit your taste. The mixer tap is safe and easy to use, with a hook-on spray, side-operated control level and an energy-saving cold-start function.
Changeable hose covers in four on-trend colours

Changeable hose covers in four on-trend colours

Do you want everything in your kitchen to be colour-coordinated? Thanks to the changeable hose covers in four different colours, you can create striking accents at your sink. Every time you pull the spout out of the mixer tap, you'll see the hose in its trendy hue. And swapping them over couldn't be easier: you can remove the old hose cover and slip the new one on in just a few steps. It's completely up to you how often you want to change the hose cover. For instance, you might fancy changing it to fit with each season.

BLANCO VIU with cold-start function

Save energy with the cold-start function

Not only do mixer taps with a cold-start function save energy, but they also give you greater freedom when planning your kitchen. Mixer taps with this feature have a control lever that has cold start as its default setting. As such, when you lift the lever, you get cold water first, rather than hot water flowing immediately. The water boiler or flow heater is only switched on when required, which significantly reduces power consumption. One major plus is that the lever remains vertical in the zero setting. This allows you to install your sink and mixer tap closer to the wall, which is a particular plus for single bowls.

BLANCO LATO in chrome

Washing-up liquid and soap dispensers in a matching design

Practical, sustainable and elegant: the permanently integrated washing-up liquid and soap dispensers for the sink are available in designs that match many BLANCO mixer taps and thus fit seamlessly in to the look of your kitchen. They can also be retrofitted to most Silgranit bowls. This makes rinsing dishes or washing your hands especially easy and convenient, as the dispenser is a breeze to operate even if your hands are wet or slippery. One simple push is enough. As the fittings are fixed, they can't topple over or slip around. When the dispenser is empty, you can fill it back up in no time at all. Thanks to the ease of use, our washing-up liquid and soap dispensers will remain efficient and effective for a long time to come.

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