Functional bowls for enjoyable kitchens

NAYA - Functional bowls for enjoyable kitchens
NAYA - Functional bowls for enjoyable kitchens
NAYA - Functional bowls for enjoyable kitchens
A welcoming design with sleek lines, generous forms and robust material is ideal for contemporary kitchens bustling with activity. This is probably why BLANCO’s convenient NAYA family has become a favourite in many homes’ contemporary kitchens. It has a simplicity that’s reminiscent of modern and Scandinavian styles but, thanks to its beautiful and practical details, this range has since crossed over into almost all style categories.

Convenience through clean lines and customisation.

The uncomplicated form does more than simply create an inviting kitchen atmosphere – the soft corners ensure easy cleaning, as does the continuous ledge, which also protects your worktop from water splashes. And customisation of these small, medium and large bowls takes this convenience to the next level. Together with your preferred accessories, matching mixer taps, and an in-cabinet waste organisation system, a tailored BLANCO UNIT with NAYA at its heart is bound to suit your needs – especially with our new, extended NAYA range that includes smaller bowl sizes for compact and small kitchens.


Space to be comfortable.

BLANCO designed the NAYA family to be both welcoming and streamlined, offering enough space for you to prepare drinks and food, or even wash dishes together with family and friends while leaving sufficient room for your cookware. And the material elevates the comfort of your kitchen even further: wear-resistant Silgranit is a velvety, easily cleaned surface that is also robust enough to last for years. Create more space – and more atmosphere – at the heart of your kitchen with NAYA kitchen bowls.

What will your NAYA look like?

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