Convenience with lots of extras

LANTOS - Convenience with lots of extras
LANTOS - Convenience with lots of extras
LANTOS - Convenience with lots of extras
Clear lines, elegant Stainless steel design, and an attractive price – BLANCO LANTOS is impressive across the board. This sink range chimes to perfection with modern kitchen designs and is a good fit with all standard base cabinets. One of the LANTOS models even provides an excellent corner solution. You can decide how you want to integrate the sink into your kitchen – all galley kitchen versions can be installed reversibly. What’s more, LANTOS models with an IF flat rim can be installed flushmount or top-down. This sink range features a large main bowl that offers plenty of space for your crockery, pots and glasses. You can add to your LANTOS sink with accessories including a SmartCut chopping board, a stainless steel crockery basket or the CapFlow outlet cover.
LANTOS corner sink


If you're planning a kitchen on an L- or U-shaped plan, modern corner sinks make the ideal solution for optimal use of space. Placed in a central position, e.g. between the cooking area and the refrigerator, these sink models allow you to use the corner section, too. Whether in elegant stainless steel or in subtle shades of colour with SILGRANIT™ and ceramic, the BLANCO range offers an attractive selection of corner sinks to go with your kitchen, both for 90° and angled corners. The ergonomically arranged working zones ensure outstanding comfort. High-quality accessories, such as cutting boards and stainless steel colanders, make corner sinks the ideal choice. A matching kitchen mixer tap ensures additional ease of use at the sink. This complete system solution allows you to harness the entire potential of a corner sink.

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