Lots of space for modern kitchens

LEMIS - Lots of space for modern kitchens
LEMIS - Lots of space for modern kitchens
LEMIS - Lots of space for modern kitchens
Clear design and spacious working areas: the modern stainless Stainless steel and large surfaces of the BLANCO LEMIS series are highly impressive. The extra-large sink is ideal for unwieldy dishes. The continuous tap ledge offers plenty of space for the mixer tap and other elements such as a soap dispenser or drain remote control. The reversible design ensures flexible installation options – you can install the drainer or an optional additional bowl to the left or right of the main bowl. The IF flat rim allows you to select the kind of installation you want: with LEMIS models, you can choose between flushmount or top-down installation. We also offer optional accessories that enhance the sink’s functionality.
BLANCO LEMIS in detail

Convenient kitchen tasks

If you regularly use large pots and pans in the kitchen, you’ll need one thing above all else: lots of room. This is where the large main bowl and the generously sized drainer really come into their own. They make rinsing and draining large pots and pans easy and convenient. For even more freedom of movement while doing kitchen tasks, we recommend the model with an XL bowl. The double-bowl version really lets you spread out: you can soak pots in one bowl, while rinsing dishes in another. The generous proportions are not limited to the bowl area, either – the draining section also offers plenty of room. As such, you can place rinsed items conveniently on the drainer, instead of having to reach straight for a tea towel. Once you’ve experienced the convenience of this spacious design, you won't want to be without it!

What will your LEMIS look like?

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Minimalistic kitchen


Minimalism leaves you room to think clearly. Above all, your kitchen should be somewhere that everything has its own place, and where you can relax.

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