A well-rounded sink

RONDO - A well-rounded sink
RONDO - A well-rounded sink
RONDO - A well-rounded sink
BLANCO RONDO is the ultimate compact sink for small kitchens. With its round shape pared back to the essentials, it is a smart solution for those who fancy something a bit different in their kitchen. Together with its design elements, RONDO offers plenty of space for working, while blending harmoniously in with the overall compactness of your kitchen. The round Silgranit bowl has a diameter of 380 millimetres and a bowl depth of 165 millimetres. With its optional crockery basket, which can be attached to the sink, the bowl is perfectly equipped for washing up. This saves the space required for a separate draining surface. BLANCO RONDO works with all sorts of kitchen looks. You have a large choice of stylish colours, from warm tones to cool grey – ideal for individualists who want to add a dash of colour to their kitchen.
Basket in the Blanco Rondo

Sink accessories

Innovative accessories such as cutting boards, colanders or rails convert your BLANCO sink its a perfect work station for preparing food or washing up. You can treat your sink to a practical upgrade using custom-fit, specially designed aids. It’s important to have enough space on the worktop when preparing ingredients. Custom-fit cutting boards that lie across the sink without slipping help with such tasks. You can use attachable stainless steel colanders to catch freshly cut food. Even wet berries or washed salad leaves area easy to drain without the need for lots of bowls and sieves. The first-class workmanship of accessories made of high-quality materials not only make our products long-lasting and safe, but also enhance the look of your sink center. Whether you opt for dazzling stainless steel, smooth safety glass or sophisticated natural wood, the quality and design of our accessories simply spark joy. New every day. 


Impressively elegant. Remarkably intense.

SILGRANIT black is the must-have colour for design aficionados. The new black from BLANCO has an appealing depth that creates breathtakingly opulent accents in kitchens with light-coloured worktops, or exudes a mysterious sense of luxury as an elegant option for all-black kitchens. This intense black always lets your personality shine through. Discover wholly distinctive design possibilities and uniquely robust, easy-care material properties with the diverse selection of mixer taps and sinks in timelessly beautiful SILGRANIT black!

What will your RONDO look like?

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