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BLANCO PRECIS™ With Drainboard – new SILGRANIT® sink.

Big solution for small spaces with excellence in design and function.


TORONTO - BLANCO showcases 2015’s latest product design with its release of the BLANCO PRECIS™ W/ Drainboard – new SILGRANIT® kitchen sink within the BLANCO PRECIS™ family.

BLANCO PRECIS™ Collection is already known for its clean lines, modern styling and functionality. With the launch of the BLANCO PRECIS™ W/ Drainboard sink model, the product offering goes beyond expectations. Its compact, practical, single-bowl design is suitable for small kitchens. This new sink incorporates a drainer board that delivers function and contemporary style with its wave design feature. This undulating modern shape is extended to the stainless steel grid tray that fits over the sink’s drainboard and can slide inside the sink as the drainboard extension. The grid tray is included with the sink purchase. It serves as a multifunctional sink accessory that can hold hot pots, pans and dishes not only on the sink surface but also on the kitchen counter, and even function as a trivet on a dining table. The clever design of the BLANCO PRECIS™ W/ Drainboard sink’s ledge is also perfect for in front of a window sink installation. This sink can be installed as a topmount or undermount and also has the ability of reversible positioning. The amazing product features continue with several innovative new accessories that are offered separately such as the custom-designed, stainless steel Colander and Beech Cutting Board that fit perfectly over the sink. In addition, for the bottom level of the sink, a stainless steel Grid and Mesh Basket are also available to complete the versatile functionality and enhance the kitchen work experience. Lastly, there are colour possibilities - SILGRANIT® sink colours are an essential style tool for adding individuality, expressing personality and creating a statement. BLANCO PRECIS™ W/ Drainboard is available in six SILGRANIT® finishes — Anthracite, Cinder, Café, Truffle, White and our latest trendy colour, Metallic Gray.

BLANCO SILGRANIT® is a unique patented material developed by BLANCO that combines 80 percent natural granite stone with a premium acrylic resin formula for strength and durability. SILGRANIT® sinks are scratch, stain, acid and heat resistant, withstanding up to 280 degrees Celsius. This durability in combination with the sink’s unique texture and natural beauty has made it the leading coloured sink of choice in the Canadian market. BLANCO SILGRANIT® sinks are engineered in Germany with only two manufacturing facilities worldwide – Germany and Canada, located in Toronto, ON.


BLANCO is recognized as a world leader in the manufacturing of innovative products and systems in the fields of kitchen technology, catering systems, medical care and industrial components. Family-owned since 1925, BLANCO's humble beginnings included the production of copper galvanized parts for cookers with a team of 30 loyal employees in Oberderdingen, Germany.

BLANCO is well known for the handcrafted STEELART® sinks, the natural warmth and beauty of SILGRANIT®, and the elegant artistry of BLANCO faucets. With providing unmatched attention to detail and superior craftsmanship, BLANCO products are celebrated worldwide for their unsurpassed quality, design, and innovation. In 2015, BLANCO celebrates 90 years of design and manufacturing excellence worldwide.


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